The wonderful world of Duevel and omnidirectional loudspeakers

At the forefront of this fantastic world of omnidirectional speaker fabricating is the German manufacturer Duevel. These special speakers offer you a completely rare encounter that amuses the status-quo of standard speakers. Designed to bring the live concert setting into your house by radiating sound round the space, these speakers satisfy ideal acoustics and reproduce a natural, immersive and spatial sound.
Which are Omnidirectional Speakers?
The principle behind the omni-directional layout is the noise fires up onto a ball that disperses the sound in every direction. So compared to speakers that are intended to be near a wall and fire the noise, these speakers may be in the midst of a space and the notion is that you can enjoy excellent noise in all directions, as such they’re fantastic for open design spaces also. The acoustic presentation from Omnidirectional speakers tends to be more lively then conventional speakers, with a broader frequency response and spacious soundstage.
Duevel’s history in omnidirectional speaker manufacturing came from a dissatisfaction with the normality of speaker layout. Founded by Markus and Annette Duevel in Germany in the 1990’s, they achieved their first omnidirectional speaker in 1997. The development of Duevel was based in an true passion for innovation in sound and years of research. Knowledge accumulated through this research on radiating horn systems along with omnidirectional technologies led to the growth of Duevel’s unique 2-way crossover and is precisely the exact same route the brand follow now in order to continuously improve their products.
Today, over 20 years on, Duevel are one of the most famous brands specialising in omnidirectional speakers. Aside from their distinctive looks, Duevel’s speakers are designed to deliver perfect acoustics, directed evenly in all directions for the most natural audio reproduction. A better frequency and phase response is associated with Duevel’s omnidirectional speakers which allows a wider range of sound to float around any room these speakers are placed in. They are most known for their reasonably priced Planets speakers, however there are a collection of high end models also which we have available on our main website.
Duevel Planet Speakers

Duevel Sirius

Duevel Planet speakers would be definitely the most common omni-directional speakers in the German manufacturer. They are the companies entry-level speakers and give a great place to begin if you are considering the omni-directional design but desire something more affordable. Measuring just 83cm tall, these are a little set of floorstanders that available in twenty five colour choices. The Planets advantage from Duevel’s professional crossover segment that assists a smooth transition from the deep lows to the crystal-clear midrange and stunning highs. For larger rooms and open spaces, the scale and dynamics an omnidirectional speaker can reach is sufficient to transfer your home into a live concert venue.
For a much higher end performance and design that appeals to those more well versed in omni-directional speakers, Duevel offer the Enterprise, Sirus, Venus and Bella Luna Diamante.

Duevel Planet

Representing a step up from the Planets, Duevel’s Enterprise omnidirectional loudspeaker is designed to offer you a larger and much better functionality. A larger woofer and extended bass response of up to 5Hz signifies the Enterprise provides a little more of a punch. Compared to the Planets, these speakers are more authoritarian, articulate and defined noise. Listening to a pair of those feels like the music is diffused from the space you’re in rather than the usual pair of speakers. It a great three dimensional experience, can be played for hours at high listening volumes also provides a step upward in omnidirectional performance