Metaxas Sins’ Marquis ‘Memento Mori’ Premieres In UK

Designed by Metaxas and Sins, the Marquis ‘Memento Mori’ is a headphone amplifier that combines “historic art, contemporary sculpture and cutting-edge audio tech”. Featuring a sculpted cranium, CNC-machined from solid aluminium billet, the Marquis ‘Memento Mori’ is a minimalist headphone amplifier and dedicated headphone stand.
The headphone resurgence shows no signs of abating and now UK headphone aficionados can enjoy “both audiophile-grade sound quality and inspiring design, with Metaxas and Sins’ stunning Marquis ‘Memento Mori’”. The brand is now available in the UK, following a partnership with London headphone specialist Audio Sanctuary

The device’s circuit technology borrows from 25 years of concert recording experience . To protect sound quality, the feature set has been kept deliberately minimal. Two contrasting skull-mounted red dials offer volume control and input selection, with the main headphone output connection socket beneath. The cranium’s recessed eye sockets contain VU meters, with each needle reacting to the incoming signal level.
Audio Sanctuary, the headphone and portable audio retailer, has been selected to premiere the Marquis ‘Memento Mori’ in its London showroom and is the first with online ordering. Commenting on the partnership, Audio Sanctuary’s Web Manager Phil Wannell said: “We’re delighted to bring the unique benefits of Metaxas and Sins’ Marquis ‘Memento Mori’ to UK consumers. It is an outstanding piece of design with real audiophile credentials and proves that great hifi sound doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics.”
Technical specs
Frequency response: DC 5.0MHz (-3dB)
Voltage output: 15V rms per channel (50 ohms) with no more than 0.05% THD
Slew rate: greater than 1000v/us small and large signal
THD: less than 0.05% 20Hz-20kHz
IMD: less than 0.05%
Signal/noise: -117dbv unweighted input shorted
Sensitivity: 26dB
Input impedance: 100 kohms